About Me

My name is Parsa Beheshti, and I am currently in Engineering I. For those of you who don’t know, I am currently one of four First Year Representatives (FYR) with the MES. As a FYR, I have had the opportunity to speak and connect with many students, ranging from first years to those in their final year. These interactions brought me to further understand the internal workings of MES and life in McMaster Engineering. In┬áthis time, I learned more about the MES, the┬ásignificance to us as undergraduate engineering students, and how anyone and everyone can make a positive impact on life in McMaster Engineering through the MES.

With the experience in the MES as a FYR, and a graphic designer for the Advertising Committee, as well as everything I have learned since September about the MES and their involvement in my student experience, I am confident in my qualifications to serve this position.